A Dog's Breakfast?

I've always liked the phrase, which refers to a collection (often a random one) of widely differing and unrelated things. Imagine what a dog would have for breakfast, if left to its own ends, digging morsels out of the neighbors' garbage cans, snatching scraps off the street, gnawing on the odd bit of carrion, and Heaven knows what else.

Here, it just refers to a collection of things I've found interesting but which defy categorization.

I picked the domain name on 27 April 2003, while driving from Provo to St. George (Utah) on business. The .com domain didn't fit, because there is no business associated with the domain; besides, it turned out to be taken already by a demonstration site for Maptuit Interesting. The .org domain didn't fit, either, for a similar set of reasons: there is no organization (either meaning of the word), and it was already taken by a Australian band of the same name, who may or may not have picked .org because .com was taken. Both domains are now owned by squatters. Alas.

For Starters

Bike on a cold day

Here's a pic I sent to my Texan friend Sunny of the start of my ride to work Friday (13 Feb, 2004). It was 4.6 F when I went out to start the poor thing. Four point six. As I pushed it back and forth to get it turned around and headed out the driveway, the snow was squeaking under the tires. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Spring Seems SO Far Away...

I ride whenever the roads are not covered with ice or snow, but Spring is much nicer for riding. How far away is Spring?

For the Geeks Among Us

I've found a wonderful place to buy stuff that makes shivers run up geeks' backs. At least mine. I'm going to buy an LED BCD clock here: ThinkGeek Cube Goodies. Very few people would know how to read it or even recognize it as a clock! More cool stuff in various fascinating catergories is to be found at ThinkGeek.com. Click your way to their site and I'll get a piece of the action if you buy anything.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary numbers, and those who don't.

Utah Valley Expatriate Pages

If you've been away from Utah Valley for a while, I've collected a few pics of things that have happened or appeared over the years or recently. The rescue of Academy Square to the high water in the Provo River.