Utah Valley Expatriate Pages

This is just a collection of facts and photos for people who once lived in Utah Valley. I'm putting stuff on this page that I think I would like to see if I had moved away, say, ten years ago.

Academy Square/Provo City Library

BYA as Provo Library

What was once the decaying ruins of the Brigham Young Academy is now the Provo City Library. There was a long period of indecision about what to do with it. One developer wanted to bulldoze the whole thing and cram it full of apartments. Another wanted to cram the existing buildings full of apartments. Douglas Smoot and his committee of Academy Square rescuers thought it would make a good library, and I think you will agree it does.

Spring Runoff Running High (Spring, 2005)

Provo River running High under Geneva Road

After a wetter than average spring followed by warm weather, the snow in the mountains filled the rivers up quickly. Deer Creek Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir, and others are full to the brim. Here's the Provo River running under Geneva Road. It looks impressive, but it sounds impressive, too. The river is running quite fast as well as high.

Fifth North in Pleasant Grove

Grove Creek in Pleasant Grove threatened to flood homes in the area, so we diverted the water down 500 North instead. Here you can see the canal down the middle of the street where it ends near the canal. The angled barriers slow down the water before it hits the dam in the foreground and goes through pipes into the canal.